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Many parts are available either as "new-old" original stock or as modern reproductions. Let me know if originality is desired — I do have a stock of new-old original parts or excellent used parts.

      Hercules GO & DD130

When we talk of OC-4 and OC-46 engines, we are really talking about two engines: the four cylinder Hercules IXB-3 gasoline engines; and three cylinder Hercules GO/DD130-series engines and their variants.


Oliver OC-4's began life in 1956 with the 3-1/4 in. bore Hercules IXB-3, the same engine used in the late Oliver HG's and OC-3's. Please refer to the IX-series page for early OC-4 engine parts.


Starting in 1957 for diesels and in 1958 for gasoline models, the so-called 'mid-series' OC-4's and OC-46's were equipped with 3 cylinder Hercules DD or GO130 engines. The same model engines persisted with one or two minor, later variations until the end of production in 1965.

Important note: 'H' variant GO130 & DD130 engines had a larger crank shaft with a 2-7/8ths in. main, and 2-1/2 or 2-3/8 in. rod bearings. This roughly coincided with the introduction of Series B models but not exactly.
All DD130's had cylinder sleeves, while only those Series B GO130's after serial number 3753356 had sleeves.
Series B's had a different camshaft in both GO & DD130's and the diesels had a diferent camshaft gear.
In addition, GO130 engines after serial number 3750138 and DD130's after 3600168 had different cam bearings.


Tip: When you email, text or call with questions or enquiries about engine parts, please tell me your machine and/or engine model and serial number.

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