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Most used parts are available, ready-to-ship within a few days. However, I have 20+ machines awaiting tear-down, so it can sometimes take me a week or two to supply some parts at the right price.



In the future, I do plan to put more time and resources into IX, GO and DD series engine rebuilding.


Since new parts are expensive, I do keep a range of good used pistons, connecting rods, valves, manifolds etc. in stock.


I have all kinds of engine blocks, if you want to rebuild, or re-bore and start over for a project.


I usually have running engines in stock — ranging from tight and ready to work, to engine still within tolerances but better for shows or light work.



Final drive assemblies underwent a continuous evolution as the market for small utility crawlers gradually changed from a purely agricultural landscape to a more demanding industrial one. Tooth counts changed, gear widths changed, ratios changed, bearings changed.


When ordering, please try to supply your serial number and bull gear casting number, and if there's any doubt in your mind check BOTH final drives. Many times, I've seen 'mongrels' with non-matching final drives, or the wrong gears inside one or both housings, or a complete replacement track frame that may not 'agree' with the serial number or age of the machine!



I have most used parts in stock but I don't supply parts that don't work!

I don't sell used starters, carburetors, magnetos, generators, regulators, gauges etc. unless they've been checked-over to work or have been professionally re-furbished.


The most challenging items to find are good starters, sprockets, radiators, manifolds, pulleys and to a lesser extent, transmission housings and 'ready-to-roll' rollers. I usually have them, but it takes time.


I have 30 years knowledge/experience in worldwide shipping logistics, freight, export, crating, documentation etc.

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