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Many parts are available either as "new-old" original stock or as modern reproductions. Let me know if originality is desired — I do have a stock of new-old original parts or excellent used parts.


Most, if not all Hercules IXA/K/B, and Hercules GO130, DD130 etc. parts are available (see our dedicated engine parts pages). It is almost essential to know your engine's serial number. Let me know if your tag is missing.​​


Other new parts: battery tray, cover & switch; water pump kits; fuel pumps & kits; throttle lever & parts; fan bearings; spark plug leads; air cleaner parts; carburetors & rebuild kits; choke wire; air cleaner to carb pipe; exhaust pipe; HG manifold; clutch parts; transmission parts; most final drive parts; idler clamp rods; OC4 idler shaft supports & track frame supports; track pins/bushings; mainspring parts; all gaskets, bearings, bushings, seals, dust shields, hoses, belts, boots, leads, knobs, caps, gauges, filters, 'zerks' etc. etc.

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