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Many parts are available either as "new-old" original stock or as modern reproductions. Let me know if originality is desired — I do have a stock of new-old original parts and excellent used parts.



Roller & Idler Kits are similar. Two seals, two clips, two bronze inner bushings, two steel outer bushings and a shaft. We supply complete kits at a slight discount, or the components parts separately. Parts for HG's, OC3's, OC4's are all the same, except the idler shaft & nuts are larger on the OC4.

Tip: these parts should always be lubricated with oil not grease! The oil is pumped into channels & galleries via a buttonhead fitting or "zerk". If your machine came with grease fittings, I'd suggest changing them out immediately. Many, many times I've seen excessive wear caused by the use of grease.

The one exception to that rule would be JD Cornhead Grease which works fine.


Apart from the long steering levers, all other parts are available as new — threaded hand lever adjusting rod, return and adjusting rod springs, adjusting nut, washers, hand lever stud, hand grips, clevis pins and cotter pins.


Brake bands are available reconditioned with new pads and rivets. Send me your old steel bands for a 'core' discount.

Tip: Brake bands are much easier to change than folks often imagine, and if you are 'heaving' on the levers to steer, you will be absolutely amazed at the light touch needed with a new set fitted.

See my illustrated Brake Changing guide on Facebook.


Most, if not all Hercules IX-series, and many Hercules GO130/DD130 series engine parts are available (see links above). It is important to know your engine's serial number.


Other new parts: battery tray, cover & switch; water pump kits; fuel pumps & kits; throttle lever & parts; fan bearings; spark plug leads; air cleaner parts; carburetors & rebuild kits; choke wire; air cleaner to carb pipe; exhaust pipe; HG manifold; clutch parts; transmission parts; most final drive parts; idler clamp rods; OC4 idler shaft supports & track frame supports; track pins/bushings; mainspring parts; all gaskets, bearings, bushings, seals, dust shields, hoses, belts, boots, leads, knobs, caps, gauges, filters, 'zerks' etc. etc.

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